Welcome to my homepage!

I am very pleased that you are interested in my website. My name is Douwe de Jong and already a number of years I participate in games with pigeons. Furthermore I collect also several things that has to do with pigeons.

The largest part of my collection exists from ownershipcards (ring-cards) and pigeon rings from the Netherlands, but I have also copies from the foreign country. I collect the rings form the whole world by years. It is very difficult to find some new rings, because you canít buy rings in a shop, you must meet an sport friend, who is ready to help you.

Perhaps you have few rings or ring-cards, then I would be very pleased about an e-mail from you. On the following pages I would like to show you something about my collection. Have fun!

Mail: info@duivensportverzameling.nl

Greetings in Sport,

Douwe de Jong